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Product Description

Face a hit, field a drive, or stop a hop with confidence. Because the longer you play, the faster the ball comes off the bat. When you?re wearing the most trusted softball gear by RIP-IT, you play without limits.


Product Details

  • $5000 Peace-of-Mind Policy designed for parents who want confidence in their daughter?s fielders mask
  • For the parent who wants to feel comfortable watching from the bleachers.
  • For the athlete who wants to focus on her game while feeling confident and better protected.
  • Customize your fielder's mask with our Padding Accessory Kits. Available for separate purchase. 

Product Benefits

  • Easier to see and breathe through. Wider field of view and better peripheral vision than any other softball fielder's mask.
  • Comfortable fit. Designed for ponytails, braids, and a full head of hair with an adjustable chin strap giving your daughter a snug fit. 
  • Easy to wash. Machine Washable on gentle cycle, no dryer, and in laundry bag.
  • Lightweight & durable design. More durable than plastic, the Defense Pro Fielder's mask steel bars create a lightweight, and protective frame.
  • Eliminates glare. Blackout Technology coating inside bars eliminates distracting glares.


DIY Home Sizing Tool

Original Defense Pro Softball Fielder's Mask

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